Each wedding has its own unique climate. It is like mirrored personality of young couple, their relation, feelings they have for each other and their characters. By taking photographs we are trying to capture that climate of that special day, show it in a way so the photographs taken are not just the events from that day but also could tell beautiful story about love you have for each other.

We journey with wedding photography stared in 2004. For the past few years we accomplished our own style and characteristics. We work with digital cameras but we do not forget about magic 36 slides and older times when for all day of photographing few rolls of films would have to be enough. Working with analog cameras taught us respect for every moment and every ruined photo we worked on. We have same respect until today. Our work style is mainly based on detailed observation. We try not to interfere with what is happening around us. This approach lets us see the most amazing moments on the day of the wedding.